These soft clouds are made of felted wool. You can almost imagine

yourself counting fluffy sheep while gazing at them. We

collaborated with local artist C. Card from Felt à la main with Love

to provide you with this unique product.

The perfect night light for children and cloud lovers.

Fluffy Clouds3

  • Our handcrafted 3 pendant art piece is made of  aluminium, steel and wool. The steel cloud armatures are covered by soft felted wool. 


    Weight of only 0.2kg (0.5lbs) which makes it easy to suspend.


    Height of 56cm (22") and rotational diameter of 48cm (18.75")


    Drop lengths to be determined as per ceiling height. We recommend heights (as measured from the floor to the lowest pendant) of approximatley 162cm (5'4") over tables and in areas where there is no foot traffic.


    For more Technical Specifications and Design Resources please visit:

    Fluffy Clouds3 Spec Sheet



    We also offer a wall mounted braket and various dimmer options (sold separately).