Our glass dandelions are made of multiple types of upcycled medical bottles. Each piece has a different size and shape, giving it a unique personality. Lit from their centres, these sculptures glow warmly while the light sparkles and reflects off their geometrical surfaces.

Imagine yourself in a field of dandelions and seeds flying on a puff of wind.  Make your own wish!


  • Because our Dandelions are hand crafted every piece is a little different. 


    Our Dandelion75 uses different types of bottles which gives it an asymetrical appearance.  It has an approximate diameter of 20cm (8") and weight of 0.9kg (2lbs)


    It comes with a dimmer and discret wall transformer (which has a 1.3m white cord). We also have silver and white coloured extension wires which enable you to place the Dandelions almost anywhere.