light rain

Drawing our inspiration from a classic rainy day in Vancouver, we decided to bring back timeless incandescent light bulbs suspended upside-down by tiny stainless steel cables. We also suspend energy efficient retro looking LEDs using ultra-thin proprietary electric cables. The light from the LEDs bounces off the glass in the incandescent bulbs. These illuminated raindrops are sure to brighten your space with their sheer elegance and simplicity. We’re glad to be able to give these industrial era light bulbs a second life, instead of seeing them end up in landfills.

Just like regular drops of rain, our light rain collection is also available in several shapes and sizes, and can be customized to perfectly fit your needs.

Vertical Light Rain by Umbra & Lux - Installation View
Vertical Ligh Rain - Sculptural Light by Umbra & Lux
 Light Rain Sculptural Light by Umbra & Lux

About Incandescent Light Bulbs

The light bulbs that we use for our Light Rain and Bubble Clouds series were found in various recycling centres. You might have thought they were there to get recycled… But sadly not. Although they are being collected, only CFL lights (compact fluorescent) light bulbs are recycled. The incandescent light bulbs that we recovered were heading for the landfill. By using these elegantly designed industrial bulbs we are helping the earth while also saving some of these beautiful artifacts that will soon be seen as being retro and symbols of a bygone era.