Our glass dandelions are made of multiple types of upcycled medical bottles. Each piece has a different size and shape, giving it a unique personality. Lit from their centres, these sculptures glow warmly while the light sparkles and reflects off their geometrical surfaces.

Imagine yourself in a field of dandelions and seeds flying on a puff of wind.  Make your own wish!

Many Bottles Later 

The bottles used for our glass cloud are upcycled from the health industry. Everyday, hospitals throw away similar bottles by the thousands. A medium size hospital can easily throw away 100000 glass bottles a year! We are able to save a few from destruction by carefully cleaning them and repurposing them. Upcycling is a lot of work but it is the best use of readily available materials. So, the bigger the cloud, the more bottles, the better it is for the environment. We are dreaming big, one little bottle at a time.